Youth: Search for Meaning

Youth: Search for MeaningTodays’ youth must look within themselves for meaning and purpose. Students are concerned for their future and the future of the world. How do they make sense of this world and their place in it? With new technologies and changes in social structure, we see teens trying to make certainty in an uncertain world. The author’s years as a university counseling psychologist and decades of clinical practice with college students, offers a refreshing look at the world of youth in America. A must read for parents of adolescents and college age students, educators, and counselors working with young people.

About the Author

Dr. Edward Dreyfus is a psychologist who specializes in individual psychotherapy, relationship counseling, sex therapy, substance abuse treatment, life coaching and divorce counseling. Dr. Dreyfus serves the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills. He is an educator as well as a psychotherapist, teaching about psychology and psychological issues, as well as being the publisher of five important books in the psychology field.

Stimulating and thought provoking

This book helps you think about finding meaning in your life and helping you understand your children’s challenges in doing the same. I particularly like how the search for intimacy is connected to the search for meaning. d-cubed

Read an excerpt of Youth: Search for Meaning below:

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