How often do we judge people by what they do for a living or for their lifestyle? We make snap judgments on the basis of a word: pornographer, prostitute, drug-addict. Or even lawyer, cop, shrink, truck driver, politician. All of these words conjure images and generate characterizations of personalities. These characterizations color our perceptions.

In truth, few people actually fit the characterizations. We sel­dom know the true story of how these people arrived at their position in life. Many people arrive at a place in life through choice, while others reach their place through circumstance or as a consequence of events. A homeless person, for example, rarely chooses to be homeless. Many people have dreams; few people are able to realize their dreams.

Rarely do we know the person behind the job they fulfill. Do you know the person who is your server in a restaurant or your physi­cian? For the most part, the actual person is invisible and we relate to the depiction and our distorted perceptions.

As a practicing psychologist I am privileged to get to know the person behind the mask. I follow them on a journey of self-discovery and in the process I learn how they arrived at any given point in their life. Most people find themselves seeking my counsel because of a series of small decisions that in the aggregate took them way off course.

Though based on a truth, SHATTERED DIRECTION, is a work of fiction.

Harry Moreland was a military brat born to a hard-ass colonel who made Harry’s life miserable. Harry was a sensitive youngster preferring to take pictures of ordinary things and people in whatever neighborhood he had been living in at the time. He had dreams of becoming a famous documentarian. He attended Ohio State University where he won an award for making a documentary dealing with the female slave trade in the U.S..

Told through the eyes of psychologist, Dr. Edward Albertson, we follow Harry’s as he  goes on a two year odyssey from Ohio to California where he reconnected with his older brother who lived in Hollywood with hopes of pursuing his career as a film director.

In order to make ends meet he accepted a job taking photographs for “girly magazines”; this led to the world of pornography. With increased exposure money and fame came an introduction to alcohol and drugs. Harry struggled with his personal values and felt that he was prostituting himself for the money and things it could buy. Drugs helped him assuage his conscience and soothe the pain.

This is not an uncommon story. Dreams and values come in direct conflict with avarice and commercialism. Sometimes the seduction is subtle and the slide is gradual; sometimes it is more blatant and sudden. Once seduced, change is painfully difficult and slow. Sometimes circumstances prompt a change. SHATTERED DIRECTION takes the reader on Harry’s journey and ultimate redemption.

I dedicate this book to the countless people out there who feel invisible and who are never truly seen; they all have a story to tell. Through my books I hope to make some of these people visible.