Someone Right For You

21st Century Strategies for Finding Your Perfect Someone
Someone Right for YouSomeone Right for You takes you through the step-by-step process of developing an action-plan for finding your perfect mate. You do not have to be alone; and there is more than one partner for you if you are willing to change your attitudes and put in a little effort. You must give up certain myths, time-honored beliefs, and begin to take charge of your romantic life. Romance is no different from any other aspect of your life. It requires that you take the responsibility for making it happen. Your perfect partner is not going to materialize out of thin air and appear in your living room. You must develop a plan of action and then act upon it. This book will show you how to make it happen!

About the Author

“People define themselves by what they do,” says Edward Dreyfus. Deciding when he reached retirement age that he was going to continue to explore new opportunities and challenges, Dr. Dreyfus took up the martial arts, learning Tai Chi, Xingli, Bagwa, kung fu and karate. He earned a black belt at the age of 70. Besides a new love for writing fiction, Dreyfus is also an active woodworker, photographer and student of cooking.

Dr. Dreyfus will tell you in this book information that debunks many of the old myths about marriage and presents in their place a modern, 21st Century approach to finding your soul mate – an approach that really works!

Just imagine being able to find someone who has:

  • All the best qualities of a playmate
  • All the best qualities of a roommate
  • All the best qualities of a soulmate
  • And all the best qualities of a friend

Read an excerpt of Someone Right for You below:

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