Keeping Your Sanity

(In an Insane World)
Keeping Your Sanity  (in an Insane World)Keeping Your Sanity is divided into five categories – relationships, compulsive behaviors and addictions, social issues, problems in living, and taking charge of your life. While each person has his/her own unique set of experiences, the general areas with which people struggle are similar. The issues that confront you have an impact on how you feel about yourself and how you cope with life. These essays are designed to help you explore yourself as you deal with the trials and tribulations of our modern and complicated everyday life. They will help empower you to deal more effectively with the complexities and challenges of contemporary living. While you do not have control over the hand that you are dealt, you do have control over how you play the hand.

About the Author

For Ed Dreyfus, the concepts of change and flexibility have been important parts of both his psychotherapy practice and his own daily life. “So many people fear change. They only barely tolerate change when it’s forced upon them. I believe everyone could benefit from have a more optimistic view of change. Instead of letting life just ‘happen,’ I encourage people to participate more fully in their own lives and seize opportunities to try new things, cultivate hobbies and even take the occasional risk – that’s how personal growth happens, not by standing pat and waiting for instructions.”

Dr. Dreyfus is  drawn on his nearly four decades of experience as a nationally recognized clinical psychologist to provide you with the expert advice and information you need to overcome the most common issues facing people today.

You’ll learn:

  • How to overcome compulsive behaviors such as eating disorders and substance abuse
  • How to cope with relationship issues ranging from two-career families to divorce
  • How to work through social issues such as economic difficulties and gender roles
  • How to plan your life rather than fall into it
  • How to cope with depression and stress
  • How to improve your sex life
  • How to make your marriage work
  • How to overcome shyness and social phobia
  • How to change
  • And much, much more

Read an excerpt of Keeping Your Sanity below:

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