The Midnight Shrink

Midnight-Shrink-225Set in the context of a search for a serial killer, a street wise psychologist with a social conscience treats denizens of the night in his van on the streets of LA between the hours of 9 PM and 5 AM. He works with his best friends, an LAPD detective and an ER physician; they are all NY transplants committed to social justice and wanting to make a difference. Similar to his patients, the shrink has built his life on a narrative created in childhood. While working on the case of a serial killer of prostitutes and strippers, he learns that his adored grandfather may not have been the great man he thought he was. He then goes on a journey to discover the truth about his life and the family from which he has been estranged.

About the Author

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“Age is on the calendar, youthfulness is a state of mind.” After 50 years spent as a practicing clinical psychologist, Dr. Dreyfus has shifted careers spending most of his time writing. He has written three novels and four screenplays in addition to five nonfiction books.

Read an excerpt of The Midnight Shrink below:

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