Shattered Direction

Shattered_Direction_cvrAfter directing an award-winning documentary in college, Harry Moreland, an idealistic, sensitive, promising filmmaker with a social conscience, goes on a two-year odyssey ending in Hollywood with hopes of becoming a film director. He is seduced by money, fame, and the glitz of the porn industry. Like many of the wanna-be actresses in front of the lens, Harry finds his hopes and dreams shattered as he gradually becomes embedded in the high life of drugs, alcohol, and living in the fast lane. When his girlfriend overdoses and his brother is arrested for dealing drugs, he hits bottom and has to go through the slow and painful process of redemption, reclaiming his soul, his integrity, and his identity. He is confronted with the age-old choice between money and glitz or integrity and relationships.

About the Author

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Review from Amazon Customer

A captivating story of transformation! The author welcomes readers to look behind the first impressions and grow to appreciate the complexity of human experience. A shy idealist faced incredible pain and challenges …years later he is picking up pieces of his life and weaves with the derailed fragments of his experience a new direction toward authenticity and freedom. Dr. Dreyfus cuts though jaded prejudices and stereotypes with elegance and compassion. Shattered Direction is not only an excellent novel but also an enriching and thoughtful work filled with insight into many factors that influence individual development, human suffering, and healing.

Review on Amazon by Yulia Brockdorf


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