Her Other Family

Marianna Bolton, a 28-year-old, married physical trainer and actor, discovers her biological father when she appears in a documentary film focusing on adults who are seeking to find their birth parents. In the process, she learns of the secrets her parents have kept from her and discovers that her birth father is the son of mafia kingpin with a large organized crime family. She sets out on a journey to meet Her Other Family disrupting her tranquil life and forces her to examine the fundamental values upon which she constructed her life.

About the Author

After 50 years as a practicing clinical psychologist, I have turned my attention to writing fiction. I have published several psychologically based novels and screenplays based on my experiences. My mission has been to help people maximize their potential and achieve their goals. Now, through my fiction writing, I hope to continue this mission and reach a larger audience. The stories I tell are all based on my years of practice. Each story deals with another aspect of the human condition.


Marianna Bolton is a few years shy of thirty, happily married, and secure in the knowledge that she is adopted, until a TV reality show encourages her to locate her biological father, only to find out that she has a large, very different kind of family on the other side of the country.

What prompts a ‘good girl’ to consider dark behaviors under different conditions? Did Marianna have this dark side to her psyche before; or did it develop in response to her encounters with her ‘other family’ and their very different values? More importantly: once she lets the beast out, can she return to her old life, if she so chooses?

In some ways, Her Other Family is a real surprise as Marianna takes a nearly 180-degree turn in the course of her life and in her personality. As the story line progresses, readers learn that what has initially seemed the structure and focus of her life actually have been only part of her persona.

The transition from building one kind of character into a personality facing some of the biggest changes of her life is well done, leading readers through an unexpected series of choices as Marianna’s history and rationales are slowly revealed.

Readers who enjoy psychological depth to their novels and who appreciate receiving many unpredictable twists not just in a storyline, but in a protagonist’s psyche, will find Her Other Family a well-done, powerful tale that excels in the kind of psychological depth that’s hard to find in a typical novel of a young woman’s changing path and choices in life.

by Diane Donovan, Senior Editor
Midwest Book Reviews


Read an excerpt of Her Other Family below:

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