Gag Rule

gag-rule-cvrDolores Miller was living the American dream. She and her husband Lawrence lived in a small Southern California town with their two children. She was an elementary school teacher and Lawrence was a charismatic high school music teacher, but their idyllic life is suddenly disrupted when several high school girls accused Lawrence of making inappropriate sexual advances toward them and he is accused of being a sexual predator.The story focuses on Dolores, whose life is thrown completely out of her control. Like the passenger in a car driven straight into an embankment by its reckless driver, Dolores becomes little more than collateral damage. Despite her doubts about her husband’s innocence, she is compelled to defend him in order to protect her family. She knows that he is a narcissistic man who loves the accolades and admiration of his young (especially female) students, but would he go so far as to seduce his teenage charges? Dolores takes us on an emotional whiplash of a ride as we feel her anguish and wonder whether Lawrence is guilty of being a sex offender or is he the victim of malicious teenage gossip.

About the Author

“I write fiction with entertainment in mind, of course,” commented Ed Dreyfus, “but I also want to offer practical, actionable guidance toward living a better life and escaping the stress/collapse cycle of the proverbial rat race. When we take better care of ourselves, we then take better care of each other and the world around us.”

Ed Dreyfus’s best book yet. I couldn’t put it down…… I finished the book in one sitting! Did the main character commit the crime? Would the wife ever stand up to her husband? I’ve known people like this in real life so the book really hit home for me. Sandy M Mason

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