Buddies Set in New York City, “Buddies” introduces readers to four conventional guys who have been friends since childhood: Joey, Billy, Roy and Sam. Temperatures rise when they meet Sasha, the seductive Brazilian wife of their mutual friend Raul, a Manhattan antiquities dealer. Each falls head over heels for the unattainable Sasha, who nevertheless flirts with and manipulates each of the main characters to her own purposes. The buddies’ unwillingness to be emotionally vulnerable with each other leaves them vulnerable in another way, as well as straining their friendships. In the wake of a senseless murder, each of them is pegged as a possible suspect. Their relationships with Sasha are all the circumstantial evidence police need to focus on them. While Sasha’s intentions are uncertain, she becomes a sympathetic character. Her sexual allure is her only way to feel power and control in life. From an outsider’s perspective, she behaves badly, but the novel encourages readers to have more understanding.

About the Author

Edward Dreyfus is only a few years from his eightieth birthday. Rather then slowing down, however, Dr. Dreyfus decided to expand on his career experiences by writing fiction. His first work was Mickey and the Plow Horse. This book focuses on a 12 year old boy struggling with socializing. He recently published Buddies, which takes us to a more adult theme about friendships and is close to a third work that will be released soon: The Midnight Shrink.

A true page turner about four friends who reunite after many years, who shared everything about their lives until they all fall prey to a manipulative seductress, remain secretive ,which places both that friendship and their lives in turmoil including possible incarceration for murder. Paul R. Burns

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