Born to Hustle

Follows the lives of identical twin brothers, Brian and Alan, as they learn to survive their abusive upbringing by identifying with fictional conmen, imitating behaviors of gangsters and secret agents, to become the bad-ass boys in black.

With no one to protect them, the twins grow up fearful of attachments to anyone else but one another. They learn to use being idents to hustle the world around them, becoming the ultimate grifters focused on becoming as rich as possible as quickly as possible. Money is power – and they craved power.

As they mature, a fissure begins to emerge in their otherwise symbiotic relationship causing friction between the brothers, threatening to divide them. When one brother becomes involved with a female grifter, their differences become apparent and threatens their relationship.

About the Author

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Review from Amazon Customer

This novel took me on a rollercoaster of responses! Initially, it drew me in through the very detailed, insightful way Dr. Dreyfus developed the unique characters of these identical twins. It then appalled me as their sociopathic personalities developed. But then it drew me in yet again as the plot and their personalities veered off in distinctive and fascinating directions. The discussion of personality and identity development that Dr. Dreyfus wrote after the novel ends is well worth reading! All in all, it’s a thought-provoking and unusual novel…definitely worth reading!!

Review on Amazon by Miriam

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Born To Hustle is a compelling work of crime fiction penned by author Edward A. Dreyfus. Focusing on the bonds between twins, issues of identity and the struggle to survive a difficult and abusive childhood, our story centers on identical twin brothers Alan and Brian from the moment they are born. Their mother, Martina, is a very loving woman, but their alcohol-soaked father, Lucas, turns their childhood into a nightmare. The boys are bonded by the experience, growing into quick-witted young men with sharp minds and a passion for hustling. But their us-against-the-world days come to an end as a female grifter enters the scene, threatening to unpick the psychological security they’ve had for all these years.

The novel begins from the earliest influences of the brothers, starting slowly and building up towards a life of conning and grifting where the pair seems to be able to do no wrong in their quest for power. Author Edward A. Dreyfus presents a truly charming set of heroes with a strong personal bond, writing with snappy, witty dialogue that shows us their silver tongues and skills for hoodwinking those around them. The psychological elements in the second half of the book have some superb emotional depth, as both Brian and Alan explore their heritage, history and personal feelings in the face of the new challenges ahead of them. For readers seeking a unique and interesting crime novel from the perspective of the would-be criminals, Born To Hustle will prove a very enjoyable read.

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